Positive Behaviour Support training

 This is an evidence based approach to supporting people with intellectual disabilities who use challenging behaviour. Positive Behaviour Support relies on three related elements:

  • understanding why the person engages in challenging behaviour (this understanding is developed by conducting a Functional Behaviour Assessment)

  • finding the environmental causes for challenging behaviour

  • modifying them so that the behaviour is unnecessary and teaching the person new skills to meet their needs without having to resort to challenging behaviour.

AABDS can provide disability workers with training in these aspects to help improve their capacity to work with participants with high and complex needs.




Employees managing participants who present with behaviours of concern report high levels of stress in the job. The evidence has demonstrated that high levels of employee stress can lead to negative outcomes and an increased use of restrictive practices.

AABDS offers a program that focusses specifically to decrease stress and enhance psychological well-being as well as job satisfaction that leads to better outcomes for participants.


Contact the team at AABDS on (07) 5351 1664 or via email (info@aabds.com.au) to find out when the next available Positive Behaviour Support or Mindfulness-Based Worker training courses are being run.   


Mindfulness-Based Worker training