With empathy and respect, Above & Beyond Disability Solutions will go above and beyond to help participants experience a full, independent life despite their varied challenges. We will do this by employing the best people and providing them with holistic support so they have the ability, energy and passion to go above and beyond for all participants. 


AABDS aims to be the most respected provider in the industry by going above and beyond to improve the lives of every participant we care for. We will achieve this through a biopsychosocial approach to include an array of physical, psychological and social service interventions to create treatment and care solutions that are personalised, refined and unique to each person. 

  • Respecting human rights — our services and solutions are planned and delivered in a manner that respects the participant’s human rights, in keeping with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Social inclusion— our services and solutions are planned and delivered to promote opportunities for participants to be included in their community. 

  • Encouraging involvement — participants using AABDS’s services are included in the decision-making process about the services and solutions they receive. 

  • Providing choice— participants using AABDS’s services are provided with the opportunity for choice regarding the services they receive and where and how they receive them, within available resources. 

  • Going above and beyond– AABDS will go above and beyond to help participants experience a full, independent life despite their varied challenges. 

  • Empathy – AABDS aims to understand and be sensitive to participants’ feelings, thoughts, and experiences by looking at all situations in perspective, without judgement and through effective communication.

  • Respect - AABDS believes that all participants deserve to be treated as equal and in a manner that upholds their dignity regardless of background, beliefs or circumstances.

  • Understanding - We recognise that all participants have their own abilities and talents. AABDS strives to help identify and develop these to achieve participants’ goals and value their aspirations.

  • Collaboration - AABDS supports the rights of people to be involved in decisions affecting them. We strive to build strong collaborative links between all stakeholders, inclusive of participants, community organisations, government and commercial sectors to ensure effective delivery of our core business objectives. 

  • Excellence– We will go above and beyond to ensure high quality services and solutions by recruiting skilled and committed people and volunteers; providing regular training; securing adequate resources; integrating services; and frequent monitoring and evaluation of our performance.