At AABDS, we charge according to the latest NDIS Price Guide. Click on the link below to see a full list of our service prices.

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)


AABDS meet the NDIS criteria to access the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) and charge accordingly. The NDIS introduced the TTP to assist all providers who meet the criteria to continue transforming their businesses in the move towards a more competitive marketplace. 

Travel expenses

AABDS will only claim travel costs from a participant in respect of the delivery of a support item if:

  • the NDIS Support Catalogue indicates that we, as a provider, can claim for Provider Travel in respect of that support item;

  • we have the agreement of the participant in advance (i.e. the service agreement between the participant and AABDS should specify the travel costs that can be claimed);

Where AABDS claims for travel time in respect of a capacity building support then the maximum amount of travel time that we will claim for the time spent travelling to each participant (for each eligible worker) is 30 minutes.