Above & Beyond Disability Solutions (AABDS) began operating because its two founders could see a real gap in the disability services market due to personal experiences.


In addition to the standard service offerings, we go above and beyond to provide disability solutions and services that are outside the normal scope.

We do this by listening to what people with disability, and their family, really need, and then find solutions to match those needs. 

We aim to equip people with the motivation and life strategies they need to reach their unique potential and live an independant life.  

It is our goal through the programs and services we offer to provide early interventions and mechanisms to avoid disconnection from education, family, culture and community.


Above & Beyond Disability Solutions is passionate about ensuring all people with disability, from different ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic positions, live a wholesome, independent life despite the many challenges and daily life problems they may face. 


Our approach to providing disability solutions is based on empathy, respect and belief in the individual’s spiritual and cultural capacity for life.