The Superannuation Standard Choice form is for you to advise AABDS of your choice of super fund. Please provide the required information below so AABDS can make contributions to your nominated super fund. 

Please complete the following Superannuation Standard Choice form  

1. Choice of super fund? 

*Please note: If you cannot nominate a super fund for your superannuation contributions to be paid into, AABDS will need to request your stapled super fund from the ATO. A stapled super fund is an existing super account linked, or 'stapled', to an individual employee so it follows them as they change jobs. This aims to reduce account fees and avoids new super accounts being opened every time an employee starts a new job. As an employer we cannot provide recommendations or advice about super to our employees’.


2. Your personal details

3. Nominate your APRA fund or RSA

If you selected Option 1 above, please complete the information below. You will need current details from your APRA regulated fund or RSA to complete this section.   

4. Nominate your self-managed super fund (SMSF)

If you selected Option 2 above, please complete the information below. You will need current details from your SMSF trustee to complete this section.   

Required documentation

Please attach a document confirming the SMSF is an ATO regulated super fund. You can locate and print a copy of the compliance status for your SMSF by searching using the ABN or fund name in the Super Fund Lookup service.

If you are the trustee, or a director of the corporate trustee, you can confirm that your SMSF will accept contributions from your employer by making the following declaration (tick box below next to declaration):

If you are not the trustee, or director of the corporate trustee of the SMSF, then you must attach (below) a letter from the trustee confirming that the fund will accept contributions from your employer.

5. Signature and date

If you have nominated your own fund above, check that you have attached the required documentation, then sign and date below. 

Upload your appropriate super documents here

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