Position Description - Provisional Psychologist


Position: Provisional Psychologist

Reporting to: Executive Director

Award: Health Professional & Support Services Award


The organisations policies and procedures do not form part of the employment contract.


Qualifications and experience

A recognised qualification in Psychology and eligible for provisional registration as a Psychologist with AHPRA. Experience working with children and adults with a disability preferred.


Responsibilities Service Provision

  • Plan, deliver and evaluate psychology services to clients, which build upon family/client strengths, needs and priorities.

  • Conduct observations, collect data and work directly with an individual to understand the reason they are displaying behaviours of concern.

  • Develop comprehensive functional behaviour assessments under the guidance of the lead Clinical Psychologist.

  • Write reports that are comprehensive and functional.

  • Develop visual aids that are reflective of the support needs of the participant.

  • Provide training to staff and families around positive behaviour support and assist in the implementation process.

  • Be able to work independently and off site.

  • Support clients and others to develop and review services and support plans, ensuring goals are meaningful, meet their needs and respect their priorities.

  • Ensure services meet quality service standards and contract agreements.

  • Manage a caseload of clients across the life span, including children and adults and deliver the highest quality psychology service. This includes assessment, diagnosis, intervention, case consultation, case conferences, report writing and case notes, evaluation and modification of intervention.

  • Assist clients and others in identifying their support networks and learning opportunities, and access community resources.

  • Support families by delivering therapy in the practice, home, or school as determined most beneficial to the participant and practical to deliver.

  • Provide services and supports using a trans-disciplinary approach in collaboration with other team members at Above & Beyond Disability Solutions.

  • To act with professionalism at all times and ensure that positive and productive relationships exist between Above & Beyond Disability Solutions and the local community/ families.

  • Work within the policies and procedures of Above & Beyond Disability Solutions.

  • Demonstrate an understanding and ability to provide services and supports within the parameters of the funding available.

  • Participate in staff meetings and planning & development sessions as required.

  • Participate in regular professional development. opportunities to keep up with current developments.

  • Network with other professionals in the field.

  • Fulfil administrative requirements such as ensuring the diary is correct for billing, appropriate notes and records are kept.

  • Conduct psychometric assessments under supervision and provide written reports.

  • Plan and deliver group programmes if applicable with specific treatment goals and evaluation of outcomes.

  • Plan and deliver parent/carer training workshops when required with evaluation of outcomes.

  • Use empirically validated treatment methods.

  • To engage in the required professional development to ensure you maintain your registration with AHPRA.

  • To complete reports in a timely and professional manner.

  • Maintain appropriate file notes.


Team /Leadership

  • Responsibility of promoting and maintaining morale within the workplace. This means actively and enthusiastically promoting the direction of the practice to work colleagues through encouragement, trust and mutual respect.

  • Provide assistance to other therapists as required.

  • Work in collaboration with the Above & Beyond Disability Solutions team to promote and maintain morale to ensure that a positive work culture is

  • maintained.

  • Attending and participating in meetings, reviews as required whilst seeking guidance and feedback from others for work performed.


Financial Outcome

  • Provide services in such a way that are financially sustainable and meet the requirements of Above & Beyond Disability Solutions procedures.

  • Manage a caseload of 25 billable hours full time.

  • Timely completion of notes/reports.

  • Provide services in a way that meets the needs of funding requirements.


Technical competencies

Theoretical knowledge

  • Demonstrates an understanding of typical child development, human learning, and individual differences.

  • Demonstrates an understanding of child and teen mental health including an awareness of the mental health needs of individuals with a developmental disability.

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the common diagnoses of disability, and how these disabilities impact on a person’s function and interaction.

  • Demonstrates an awareness of the psychological impact of disability on families of people with a disability.

  • Demonstrates an awareness of the principles of positive behaviour intervention, including strategies that are embedded in the context of a strengths based and least restrictive practices.

Assessment/ problem identification

  • Demonstrates skills in the administration of a range of psychological assessment tools for the evaluation of cognitive abilities, psychopathology, personality and other relevant psychological constructs.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the common daily activities, routines and habits and how they will be impacted by communication and behavioural issues.

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the communicative function of behaviour in children and youth with complex communication needs.

  • Intervention and supports

  • Demonstrated skills in the application of evidence based psychological interventions in a range of psychological issues, including anxiety disorders and mood disorder, grief and loss and adjustment issues.

  • Demonstrated skills in the provision of focussed psychological strategies, including behavioural interventions, cognitive interventions, relaxation strategies and skills training.

  • Demonstrated awareness of the approaches for supporting the wellbeing of people with disabilities and their families, including the approaches when working with individuals with cognitive limitations and/or complex

  • communication needs.

  • Provides recommendations to other team members around positive strategies for working with a child/family.

Behavioural Competencies

  • A commitment to a person and family centred approach.

  • Excellent skills in collaboration and demonstrated skills in working in partnership with other team members and services.

  • A commitment to the inclusion and participation of people who have a disability within their local and natural communities.

  • Demonstrated expertise in working effectively in a team.

  • The ability to work independently.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • A commitment to ongoing development of skills and capabilities. o A commitment to using evidence as a basis for practice.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Cleared National Police Check.

  • Must satisfy all visa requirements for working in Australia.

  • Driving license (required for all roles where there is a requirement to travel to deliver services).

  • Roadworthy vehicle required.

  • Current registration with AHPRA (provisional).

  • Professional Indemnity insurance highly recommended.

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