Professional Boundaries Declaration

I accept and agree to adhere to the following Professional Boundaries. I will:


  1. Contribute within my capacity to the organisation’s continuous improvement philosophy and practice;

  2. Refrain from personally borrowing, soliciting or accepting any items, belongings, gifts or gratuities from participants;

  3. Refrain from any practices, either direct or implied, which may be construed as sexual harassment or enticement;

  4. Not be under the influence of drugs (illicit or prescribed) or alcohol whilst on duty;

  5. Report any injury, illness, incident, hazard or risk according to policies and procedures;

  6. Not assist or encourage participants to consume and/or participate in the taking of illegal drugs, alcohol or medication (other than medication prescribed by their GP or Specialist or where the situation is monitored and recorded by support staff);

  7. Not promote myself for future services to participants;

  8. Not be involved or allow participants to be involved in any illegal activity on the premises, or elsewhere where the participants are in my care;

  9. Not be involved in taking participants into my own home or to visit my friends and family as a form of activity;

  10. Not allow other persons, family or pets to accompany me during shifts without prior approval in writing from both AABDS management and the participant or participant’s guardian;

  11. Commence and finish each shift at the time specified on my roster or as indicated by the office administration and not make alternate arrangements with either the participant or another staff member. All changes to rosters will be directed from the office;

  12. Not use participant’s communication systems such as email, internet, facsimile and telephone for personal use or in ways that are disruptive, offensive or harmful to morale or to the image of the organisation;

  13. Not allow participants to use my personal equipment such as motor vehicle, mobile phone, laptop, iPad etc.;

  14. Not allow participants access to social media from any of my personal devices;

  15. Not to give my personal contact details (phone, email, address, Facebook or other social media) to participants and/or their carers;

  16. Not offer to be a nominated person for the participant’s personal affairs or legal matters/documents;

  17. Observe traffic regulations and by-laws at all times;

  18. Maintain my vehicle in a roadworthy condition at all times and maintain motor vehicle services at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals;

  19. Make regular safety checks on my vehicle and rectify any defaults prior to transporting clients; and

  20. Cooperate with all organisational policies and procedures relating to work health and safety.

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